Sunday, February 27, 2011

Design campaign




snake lady

simese twins


fortune teller


bearded lady
This is the second icon set converted to digital. The rule set was to break the frame at least once, preferably twice, complex figure/ground, and an off-kilter frame. The idea behind these was to maintain a feeling of oddity in every formal decision. Examples: the frame isn't a perfect square or rectangle like one would expect. Every corner is rounded and straight jagged lines were avoided. Because each figure is so loose and "wonky" there is a "fun house mirror" look to all of the icons. This formal decision applied across the board has given the icons a feeling of weirdness and freakishness that is different from the first set's feeling of fear and drama. I think that conceptually these icons are working and heading in a good direction. Formally I don't think they are completely resolved. I think there might be some room for changes depending on critique. They are communicating better than before but might still be iffy. I'm not sure if everyone can recognize them because they know my culture or if it is because I have achieved the level of communication necessary. We will see. More to come later.

digital icons. set 1

bearded lady

contortionist 1

contortionist 2



conjoined twins

snake lady


sword swallower
This is the first icon set option. The principles I set for myself were geometric, sharp angles, fragmentation, and a fill. The idea was that the jagged lines would and abstracted body would create a feeling of oddity and creepiness. The poses used were chosen to give the set  suspense and drama. There were comments made about the icon set having contemporary connotations that would weaken my concept. After careful examination and consideration, the second set of icons made more sense conceptually and formally. Therefore I decided to move forward with the second set.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Buswrap Revisions

The buses in last iteration were kind of static and the full band started to flatten the space awkwardly. To enhance visual interest and the idea of change, I broke the full band on one side of the buswraps. Im also playing more with the placement of information. The buses are still too inconsistant.

Friday, February 18, 2011

3 campaign proposals

As of now each campaign approach consists of three billboards and three bus wraps. In this step we revised our billboards and applied the same information on a new canvas, the bus. What makes a campaign successful is having repetition with variation. Also there must be rules set to add a level of cohesion, which is where the repetition is inherent, but by shifting the media on a new canvas, variation is created. As for my campaigns, they are lacking the level of cohesion that they need to become solid. Sure, there are aspects that run from the billboards to the buses through the aesthetic, type as image choice, and color scheme but they are lacking. I need to find a way to transfer the information onto the buses as a new composition rather than focusing on making the buses look like the billboards.

wright brothers poster

some big changes were made to my original idea. Entering the assignment I was focused on portraying parts of the wright brothers life that people usually don't know and taking those concepts and communicating them through abstracted symbols and indexes. There were two major issues, 1- the image was too static and 2- didn't communicate "wright brothers." In the new direction I was focused on drama, excitement, motion, cleanliness, and classiness. The warm color palette is supposed to evoke emotions of warmth and hero-ship. The curve of the signature and the wave of the banner is a reference to wind, lift, and movement. The sand is indexical of kitty hawk sand dunes. Capturing the model glider in motion shows speed and motion. The glider is moving through space faster than normal hinting at how after the first successful plane everything in the aeronautics industry boomed. The signature is the signature that all business expenses were signed with. The signature being torn around the edges is a symbol of the struggle after the plane was made. It took them a long time to get their patent and although they were credited by many, they were also discredited and had their models ripped off by a lot of people. They spend most of their lives in and out of lawsuits fighting for their rights to the plane models until Orville retired and sold the company.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

billboard proposals

first round billboards for the campaign concept. Five different approaches. The concept of the campaign is design making a difference in society. I tried to get at the idea of change in each of these explorations. Each billboard uses a type as image composition that conceptually relates to the quotes.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Final Kit of Parts

After critique and revisions, these are the final type as image compositions that will be applied to my campaign.