Friday, January 28, 2011

Find & Share: Feaverish Photography Blog

These are a few photos from the Feaverish Photography Blog. The photographer is Aaron Feaver. I chose these because of the formal qualities I enjoy such as the color pallet and framing. On the blog Aaron Feaver is one of many artists. Check out the blog!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Type 2 : Project 1 Quote

“Design isn’t about making stuff; it’s about making stuff happen.”

I chose this quote because of the statement it has on design. We can all agree that all great design has concept. And not just a concept but a powerful statement that communicates with the audience. I feel like this quote sums up the mission statement of the KCAI design department. We not only want to create beautiful artifacts but we want to make a difference in our community. With classes like Visual Advocacy, students are focusing on making changes to as well as impacting the community.
Below is a blurb about Ellen Lupton for those who are not familiar with her work.
Ellen Lupton is currently the director of the Design MFA program at MICA. In addition to being a professor, she is a curator at Cooper-Hewitt Museum, an author of many design books, frequent lecturer and well-known designer.
The quote I am using is pulled from the recently published book, Women of Design. It reads as follows, “My big interest now is how design relates to everyday situations, from making your bed to raising your kids. Design is a form of thought and action, as well as an approach to creativity. Design is a tool that can be used by anyone on Earth. Design isn’t just about making stuff; it’s about making stuff happen.”

Monday, January 24, 2011




1. Tye Dye
2. Peace Signs
3. Marijuana
4. LSD
5. Vans
6. Inscence
7. Flowers
8. Protest Signs
9. Long Hair
10. Bandanas
11. Fringe
12. Folk Music


1. Peace
2. Civil disobedience
3. Spirituality
4. Sexual exploration
5. Love
6. Freedom


1. Clowns
2. Trapeze acts
3. Tightrope walkers
4. Ring Leader
5. Trained Animals
6. Tents
7. Train
8. Peanuts
9. Cotton candy
10. Side show/ Freak show
11. Whips
12. Popcorn

1. Entertaining
2. Dedication
3. Daring
4. Self Expression
5. Loyalty
6. Togetherness