Sunday, February 27, 2011




snake lady

simese twins


fortune teller


bearded lady
This is the second icon set converted to digital. The rule set was to break the frame at least once, preferably twice, complex figure/ground, and an off-kilter frame. The idea behind these was to maintain a feeling of oddity in every formal decision. Examples: the frame isn't a perfect square or rectangle like one would expect. Every corner is rounded and straight jagged lines were avoided. Because each figure is so loose and "wonky" there is a "fun house mirror" look to all of the icons. This formal decision applied across the board has given the icons a feeling of weirdness and freakishness that is different from the first set's feeling of fear and drama. I think that conceptually these icons are working and heading in a good direction. Formally I don't think they are completely resolved. I think there might be some room for changes depending on critique. They are communicating better than before but might still be iffy. I'm not sure if everyone can recognize them because they know my culture or if it is because I have achieved the level of communication necessary. We will see. More to come later.

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