Monday, December 3, 2012


 Well, we really started developing Geosounds as a way to teach the growing population of digitally native children new ways of exploring and developing an understanding for basic principles of music. The cognitive skills that are byproducts of music education are what really drove us to find a solution.

The student Hub allows students to revisit the classroom experience

The rollover states of the site

Students can hone in on one fundamental while scrubbing

Graphs give the teacher a quick assessment of the classes progress

A portion of the site allows for user generated content to be shared (edited curriculum by teachers)

Lessons on a timeline. comprehensive notation

Those lessons are utilized by the table.

Clicking and dragging of the nodes allows for alterations by teachers

New tones can be added to each shape and lesson to add for unique experiences

Teachers can revisit the classrooms accomplishments during freeplay