Friday, February 18, 2011

wright brothers poster

some big changes were made to my original idea. Entering the assignment I was focused on portraying parts of the wright brothers life that people usually don't know and taking those concepts and communicating them through abstracted symbols and indexes. There were two major issues, 1- the image was too static and 2- didn't communicate "wright brothers." In the new direction I was focused on drama, excitement, motion, cleanliness, and classiness. The warm color palette is supposed to evoke emotions of warmth and hero-ship. The curve of the signature and the wave of the banner is a reference to wind, lift, and movement. The sand is indexical of kitty hawk sand dunes. Capturing the model glider in motion shows speed and motion. The glider is moving through space faster than normal hinting at how after the first successful plane everything in the aeronautics industry boomed. The signature is the signature that all business expenses were signed with. The signature being torn around the edges is a symbol of the struggle after the plane was made. It took them a long time to get their patent and although they were credited by many, they were also discredited and had their models ripped off by a lot of people. They spend most of their lives in and out of lawsuits fighting for their rights to the plane models until Orville retired and sold the company.

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