Sunday, May 13, 2012


Collaboration with Patrick drake on the proofing press. 5/12/12

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Summation of Information Architecture

Adobe Awards

MOTORIDERY from Ivan Alonso on Vimeo.
I plan on entering this when I get the voice over completed. The animation is getting better too.

The main reason I want to enter this is because of the way it uses adobe products. Thanks to adobe, I have designed a toolkit of visual language in illustrator Cs5 and composed screens in Photoshop Cs5. Taking it further to the final stretch I used adobe after effects Cs5.5 to animate the app as well as export an MOV that explains the culture and app. I think it speaks to how most design is. Never in one place or program.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


map, reference guide, stickers, and event take-away
logo and color palette
map, infographic, and events all on one french fold
sculpture station stickers
collect them all
collect them all and get the sticker kit

use sticker kit to make your own sculpture in the art tent
reference guide and educational booklet

color coded correlations

For the theme hand built we went with a formal approach that made use of simple, off-kilter geometric shapes. The typography is hand lettered giving an authentic hand built feel. That in addition to our bright but warm and inviting color palette seemed to appeal to a younger audience while maintaining a level of sophistication for older children and their parents. Hypothetically the Families would receive a map and a sculpture reference guide. The infographic located on the back of the map would prompt families to go to each sculpture station at which they would receive sticker badges. The reference guide explains the connection between the shapes that have been assigned to each sculpture and the sculpture itself. For instance, a rectangle is paired with RUMI. Rumi is made of I-beams which are in the shape of a rectangle. Therefore, with the Rumi sticker badge, the children will receive a rectangle sticker sheet at the art tent. These little moments add an educational value to the reference guide as well as the whole experience. When all the sticker badges are collected the children would receive a sticker kit (the correlating shapes are located in the reference guide) They would use the sticker sheets to HAND BUILD their own sculpture or if they so choose, use the sculpture reference guide to replecate their favorite sculpture of the day. These activity sheets are take aways that families could potentially hang on the fridge or throw in a scrap book.

User Experience

This semester in UX has been a learning experience. I guess thats what all classes are supposed to be, right? Anyway, I think this semester helped me realize how important research is. Not just internet and library research, rather diving into real life research. Primary research opposed to secondary can offer more insight through observation that a book cannot tell. Knowing who the audience is makes design resonate more with that specific audience. This consideration by designers makes or breaks good design. Tailored design, although really specific and only good for a specific audience, can serve as a really useful tool for certain sub-cultures. Not all design has to be this specific but considering the audience and what they want, need, and hope for can make the project worth a lot.

Monday, May 7, 2012

MotoRidery- A Tailored Iphone App


logo 1

I C O N   P R O C E S S

D I G I T A L    W I R E F R A M E S

G O O G L E    M A P S




This is the process for an app I have been conceptualizing on for Motorcycle enthusiasts. A value that we identified during our user research was the A. riding and B. riding with friends. I wanted to make an iphone app that would allow the user to be connected with riders in their area allowing them to join and schedule rides, social events ( aka hanging at the bar) and setting up charity rides. The app is responsive to "current location" that the iphone uses for its GPS. The user inputs his or her interests and key criteria when prompted while signing up. a profile is made for them and they can then start finding rides and riders. In addition to this main component of the app, the application will also provide bar and dive information and locations, weather widgets, gas station location, mechanic shops and more. Hopefully the app would be developed to feed information from a meta data base that only pertains to the interests of each individual. This is what makes it truly tailorable.