Friday, April 22, 2011

ipad observations

1. I noticed that with the ipad the space is very dynamic. The interaction may be more intimate than with a book itself. Yes, a magazine has the tactility and intimacy in that regard but the ipad introduces decision making and physical interaction.

2. There is no longer a limitation to imagery or content. No longer do you have to worry about printing costs of photography and body copy. Like Times magazine mentioned. The photographers in the field can shoot as much as they want and can explore video as well. It is making the experience that much more real.

3. Things as simple as video are now possible. With the ipad we are no longer limited to still objects and static imagery. Now things can rotate, move, expand, contract.

Museum Concept #3- formal explorations

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mag layouts round 3

last iterations before moving into the ipad. This round I was focused on making more breathing room in the spreads. The last concepts were very dense and sort of a head ache to look at. There are still little things I need to resolve but I feel like Im headed in good directions. There seems to be more cohesion in this round than the previous. Moving into the ipad  I plan on keeping the breathing room in mind. Hopefully ill jump into the ipad with more formal resolution, transfering the information set in print into new media, i.e. interactive ipad apps.

magazine layouts round 2

Taking the opener page and moving it into a full article spread. Implementing the ideas found in the opener page selected into the other seven pages. Utilizing the gatefold?

magazine layouts round 1

So we are taking the information graphics and cultural focus from visual communication 2 and making a six page magazine spread. The spreads should conceptually relate to the culture letting form follow the conceptual decisions. My article is about circus culture influencing the pop culture of 1890s-1910s America. I set up a rigid 12 column grid and selected small elements to break the grid getting at the idea of something strange influencing a conservative nation.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Retail & Interaction

Brainstorming about possible items in the gift shop and interactive exhibits within the museum exhibition.

-Penny Smasher ( 51 cents for a freaky penny!)
-Play swords
-Recreated vintage illustrated posters.
-Bearded Lady Dress up Photo booth
- Fortune teller booth like Zoltair
- Test your strength carny game
- Bed of nails
- Fake coals to walk on. (mildly warm just for fun?)
- Stuff a sword down a fake throat. Don't flinch. The slightest move can sound the buzzer "killing" the sword swallower ( based off of OPERATION)
-Striped contortionist unitards. Strong man leotard?
-Learn how to be a pincushion. (learn where to poke and how, then have at it with a ballistics gel figure)
-Crawl through a huge model of the sinus cavity. The part of the body that human block heads shove nails and screw drivers in. ( crawl space is targeted toward, but not exclusively for children.)
- Download-able App called Freakomatic? Freakstagram? Instafreak? sideshow photography? anyways itd be a simple iphone app that allows individuals to take pictures of individuals and have them converted into a bearded lady, elephant man, boil face, pinhead, etc. (think about the fat app to visualize this)
- the elastic man/ contortionist. Body parts will be casted in elastic type rubber material and mounted to the wall available for twisting, turning, stretching, and molding. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Project 5 Inspiration

I looking to these for inspiration on how to juxtapose images that have separate meanings together to create a new, powerful message.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Possible concepts for Exhibit

1. Objective look behind the scenes
title- Conundrums
description- A look at the genetics of born freaks as well as explaining the science behind the fantasy of made freaks. Solving the mysteries of the show.
2. Family, togetherness, and loyalty
title- carny kinfolk
description- An exhibition of the family life in the culture. showing famous couples of the freak show. 

3. Looking at freaks' lives after the shows are banned
title- The show must go on
description- Some freaks were able to twist their careers into something acceptable by human right activists while others were just out of a job.

Friday, April 8, 2011