Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The Barbershop Phase One Presentation_notes

A haircut for men doesn't have to be a quick in and out experience. Back in the day, each town had their own shop. Every neighborhood in a large city had their local barber. Men knew their barber and their barber knew them. It was a gentleman's place. It was a place men didn't mind hang out in, and it was a place they felt comfortable in. Barbers gained respect by giving quality cuts and listening to whatever gentlemen had to say.

For whatever reason, in some respects that mentality has been lost over all. Of course a few places have embraced it, but not one in kansas city. This should be a place that men of all ages that align with our same beliefs in quality and relationship can come to.

This barbershop should bring back the close knit relationship between the barber and the client, the client and client, and the barber and barber. It'll start to feel like a little community in ways. In addition the brand is clean, unreserved, modern, personable, and timeless. Unsurpassed standards of quality and respect for beauty in its aesthetic.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

VA: Assesing The Problem

Whats the Problem/Question 
Is there a way for design and creative thinking to decrease the obesity rate by increasing organization of physical activities for youth in the Rosedale community?

How can design encourage more physical activity for families in rosedale?

Who is the Audience
Youth of Rosedale (ages 8 to 13)
Parents and guardians
City council
They are interested in outdoor activity but don't have access to activities or equipment

What are the Facts
51% of children in Rosedale are obese
Parks and Rec is city governed, not regulated by Rosedale
There are no recreation centers in Rosedale
Programming is not offered by the city government in rosedale
many love to play outside, but don’t have organized/supervised opportunities to do so
Outdated equipment in parks pose safety hazards
Saftey concerns: supervision and security

What we hope to change
We hope to make rosedale's youth more physically active by increasing organization for after school recreation.

How we will measure success
We will measure success based on the percentage increase in the number of kids involved in activities