Monday, November 21, 2011

project 5 self directed objectives


how can typography be captured and manipulated with live action film?

as well as but not limited to:

how might the “virtual” or “3d” narrative space be used to reveal new info in a story?
(think transitions and moving through space)


I haven't decided on a specific statistic just yet but I want to take a gander at fast
food consumption or the effects of. Possibly, land consumption, fat in a bigmac vs
the RDA, the amount of fast food eaten daily, etc.


I am planning on exploring the movement of the camera in space.
this is where the second question comes to play. my subject matter comes from
picking a statistic but the form is exploring the use of virtual space to transition
from info to info.
Also, i am looking at a few kinetic infographics for inspiration and plan on exploring
more movement in my type and images as singular objects.

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