Wednesday, January 25, 2012

User X Reading Response

This reading brings to the table, the idea of Qualitative research informing design for a more meaningful experience for the user. More importantly a designers involvement in a combination of ethnography methods, Qualitative research, Quantitative research, and anthropology yeilds more true products that resonate. With the study of sub cultures comes more obsticles. The reading talks about the symbols of Punk Jewlery and characteristics of skin heads that define the culture to the culture. In order to truely understand the subculture/counterculture its important to see and engage with the culture in everyday activity. If the research is not done in a Qualitative way, there is too much room for speculation rather than observation. I would like to sum up with what Henry Dreyfuss said. "Field research is crucial to industrial design" same goes for any design!


  1. Which reading are you referring to? "This reading"?

    1. I think I was referring to the act of reading. Both pieces of material included. So the reading as a whole. I should have said the readings or just been more specific. Sorry about that.