Monday, November 21, 2011


The history of motion graphics.

The thought of motion graphics starting with early cinema is interesting. the argument that the difference between animation and motion design is the personification of a character is something i can get behind. The video blurrs the line between these two categories though. As technology increases at a rapid pace, design with expand just as fast to keep up. Our characters are simple shapes and letterforms. What i love about motion graphics is that now, what could not be said on paper, can be said on multiple levels all at once. The word bark can look like it barks, sound like it barks and MOVE like something that barks. okay example, but important concept. I never really thought of paul rand and old school movie credits when talking about motion graphics but they totally are. This makes me think of stop motion being a precurser to what we concider motion graphics to be today. Taking that further, photography could be the root of storyboarding. A record of our daily temporal experiences. If our life is a motion peice, photos are just our freeze frames. Getting back to the video, another thought came to mind. A museum for motion graphics? whoa. The digital era is in full fledge. People go to museums to experience something they cannot physically and emotionally feel online, or in a text book. Motion graphics is different in that the same digital file that eh museum holds is the exact same as teh ones readily available online. itll be interesting to see what this new house of art looks like.

I want to do a motion peice on the statistic of fast food consumtion. ( per day, week, month. not sure)
Two things i want to learn and explore are, exploitiong 3d space with z axis and movement with the camera

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