Friday, November 18, 2011


I chose to work with Taylor's re-branding of the local restaurant, POT PIE. The key descriptive words kept in mind while designing were comfort, rustic, elegant, & nostalgic. The clientele is a person or persons that want to experience the comfort of a down home meal, with class and style. The Initial concept for this build revolved around the motif of a pot pie. Obvious? Arbitrary? I think not in this case. The short amount of time allotted to get the idea of the brand across, I thought that two things should be visually conveyed, Food & Brand. Secondary things would be the feeling of atmosphere. The radial motif created by the pie marks references two things; the circular shape of a pot pie and a kitchen timer. The rest is padding around that idea. I wanted to keep the build simple for a couple reasons. One, its only five seconds. Too much stuff going on could overwhelm the viewer. Two, the idea of elegance to me has a certain sense of selection and reduction to distinguish itself.

Time for learning:
Once again, Motion is so much more multidimensional than I anticipate or conceive of when conceptualizing storyboards. Print based design most of the time functions on a linear time-frame. With moving media, I am able to trigger multiple senses of the viewer. Sound, pace, and image. It is great to be able to capitalize on audible reinforcement with film. If the visual reference isn't enough to say kitchen timer, there is a audible reveal when its complete (the ding). Also what I cannot say in five seconds visually, I am able to hint at through sound. Delivering the message of the atmosphere was reinforced in the audio with casual speak and ambiance of the restaurant. Each project I learn something new about the narration process in time. That makes me more and more excited to dive deeper into aftereffects.

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