Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Folly: formal explorations #2

I moved forward with two directions for critique today. The musical collage, and the musical crossroads. The signs are a play between vector and hand illustration. The formal qualities are rustic yet refined like Mark Oconnors Sound. The vector is the precision and the hand illustration and texture is the approachability and rustic. I havent yet decided if i want to fully embrace the holiday color palette or subtly hint at it, or all together throw it out. I do think it will be important to communicate to the potential audience that this is infact a christmas show. Who wants to show up to a bluegrass hot swing, but get a classical americana christmas. I think it will be of great importance for me to let the viewers know whats going on. After critique I decided that the photographic collaging is the best direction. Not only is it more appropriate in formal rendering, it has a better feel of Mark O'Connor. Right now my typography is all over the place. Thats numero uno in moving forward. I plan on locking it in somewhere. Finding a place to align everything will tie the type to image.

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