Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Final Icon Set

The final icon set has a few adjustments from last critique. I swapped out some compositions and did a lot of formal refinement to the set as a whole. To increase continuity and cohesion, the frames were all based off of one shape. Although they are based around the template I set, each has slight variation making each frame unique. All of the icons are now full body shots. They employ the same principles as the previous set. Principles such as breaking the frame at least once (usually with the feet), rounded edges, and the fun-house mirror aesthetic. The combination of these allowed me to capture a feeling of oddity, showcase, and drama. All of the formal decisions were informed conceptually to strengthen the group as a whole. For insight into process, I started out analog with a sharpee and tracing paper. They were then scanned,  edited in photoshop (levels, gaussian blurr, and contrast), then traced and tweeked in illustrator with the pen tool.

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