Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Framing the Campaign: Final Stages


Graphic design has been a vessel for change in our culture. It has allowed individuals to make statements that stimulate reformation. Design is about making a difference.


The campaign consist of three billboards, three bus-wraps, and one interstitial. In the billboards I set up the rules for the visual campaign. Things like marrying up the KCPT logo and the web address in the shape repeated throughout the campaign. The shape I am referring to was once a band or rectangle. It is now an off kilter polygon that creates tension between the letterforms and the box. The tension created reinforces the idea of change in my concept. The careful juxtaposition of the clean uniform sans serif and the sharp strange shape gets at the idea of change and difference as well. The shape is carried out through all the interfaces in the campaign, giving the campaign the sturdy repetition it needed.

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