Sunday, February 6, 2011

Making the Invisible Visible

The article Making the Invisible Visible, is driving home the idea of having an idea. Designing is more than aesthetics. A good designer has a concept in mind while he or she is designing. The reading states that concept comes from a theme; something that is iterated over and over again in a company's mission statement. I thought the way that this particular firm goes about gathering information was smart and effective. Organizing words during a meeting into different divisions of a three ring target makes sense. As far as application toward the current project, keeping a concept and theme in mind all the time is necessary. Considering everything and making sure it relates to the theme and concept is going to be key in making some brilliant work this semester. KCAI is where concept meets form.

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  1. Good point about how the reading relates to design. And for this particular project, I was also looking for how your selection of 3 values is key to representing your culture.