Sunday, February 6, 2011

Freak Show Booklet Progress: mock up layouts and cover iterations

I feel like I have made some serious progress from the initial iterations to the "final" mockup. The cover has been through a lot of full color iterations to get to the darker, dulled down, sepia toned cover seen in the post. There was discussion about the theme being broken from cover to layouts because of the color palette. It was decided that continuity needed to be changed either in the layout color palette or the cover color palette. Since the photos are all trying to stay true to the vintage feel of the old sideshows, I made the decision to change the colors of the cover. The process consisted of many sketches and hand done typography in the style of old hand painted signs. There was interplay from analogue to digital and back again. The layouts have two basic rules. 1. splitting the spread into three main compartments. 2. photos must be sepia or black and white and consist of a aged feel. Rule one has been bent in layouts like the snake lady and conjoined twins. The spread stays true to the three sections and just splits one third in half. After analyzing the book as a whole, there were a few things I felt needed to be changed. Originally there was a spread that had an artifact called, pickled punks. After considering concept and theme more and more I figured that both due to continuity and lack of imagery, pickled punks need to be scratched. I went to my tenth artifact, the ventriloquist. I think in the long run I can benefit from the change. Also a few photos have been swapped out because of low resolution. The transfer from screen to paper is always an interesting one. 

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