Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Poster concepts

OVERview: Reach Out and Read is an organization trying to promote literacy in America; Specifically targeting comprehension at a young age. The goal is to get Parents to read to their children as early as 8 months old. This will improve the amount of children that are prepared for Grade school. In turn it will also give them a chance to succeed as a student and an adult.

1. These are some concepts chosen from the thumnail iteration phase. The first says illiterate forwards and backwards. The color choice is based on sex. The two colors we think of when talking about boys and girls are pink and blue.

2. The second says "impact." The words are build out of stacks of books. Ideally the photo shoot would take place in a library or the children's section of a book store. Possibly even in a playground. The basis of this is concept. The form hasn't been executed yet. Basically right now its just the bitmap type of form that is being created and founded to make the photo shoot as efficient as possible.

3. The third is an all typographic poster. It lends itself to an infograph. The phrase at the top says "Progression . . . is only possible through intelligence. The rest of the information is about the percentages of children that are read to daily. 36 is low income American families. 48 is the national average. 59 is higher income American families. The facts are sad but true and they are effective in the sense that they communicate that this is a nation wide problem.

4. The final one is about preparing young children for kindergarden. Typographically dominant.

5. There is another concept that isn't up here due to resources. The idea was going to be photographic. The photo would be taken in a library and would show the word READ built into the bookshelf using the spines of the books. Either flipping them around so that the pages were showing or arranging them by color. I tried and tried but kept getting shut down. MJ the librarian was nice but shot down the idea. And the kansas city public library didnt work out. We will see though . . .

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