Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Directions

After having a serious talk with my professor, I decided that it was time to let go of the concept I had been gripping for some time. For various reasons it wasn't working nor was it going to be able to progress in a timely fashion. It was both frustrating and nerve racking starting somewhat fresh so far into a project (especially my final) but I feel more confident in the new directions I am taking the project. These are a few of the iterations I've done since Monday evening.

1 comment:

  1. All the posters using "promote" seem the strongest to me with the wording... I like the idea with the 9 letters but it needs some context. On the "prevent illiteracy promote proficiency" poster I think the switch of having illiteracy is an interesting way of showing "not able to read". Also I think that you have created a VERY strong typographic treatment for the words illiterate in the one above it, and I think the transparent overlay flipping can go wonderfully with the concept, but I feel the rest of that poster isn't really "promoting" a clarity in reading with that typographic treatment, it does the opposite and makes it harder to read. You could try using that treatment to push the idea of illiteracy. On some of the other it's just not that strong of a link between the text and the image... Think of combining the different ideas presented in the posters as a single visual representation of the text, combining a book and a heart or a book and a doctor.

    I know these are just mainly focused on concept but I think you should stay away from futura that isn't all caps and is heavier, it looks weird. Try some other geometric sans, and maybe a lighter weight