Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Final Revised Motifs


There is a use of repetition and rather sharp geometry in my motifs. This also informs the use of a geometric sans serif in they typographic treatment. I found it effective to have shapes repeated within the motif but not in a "copy & paste" manner. The way I achieved this was by mastering the technique in which the marks were made. This gave me similar results in shape with subtle nuances throughout, revealing the mark of the hand.  In the open shop has a repeated shape made by a price tag. Paper weights on picture books is composed of marks that were made using the spine of three different books. Young springtime breeze is made up of the manipulation of a book page to give wavy, windy like appearances. Each of the analogue motifs were transferred into vector images in illustrator.

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  1. Be sure to talk about your conscientious use of repetition and structured elements.