Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Seeing Complex Lines

Another step in the process of our line studies. After round one of basic and complex studies we were partnered with another person from our class. Collaboratively we generated 30 complex studies, displaying and critiquing the best 15. Then we warped them on different planes and through different interfaces to make the studies that much more interesting. We went about warping and altering in an analogue way with the exception of a scanner. Tools at hand: photo copier, camera, x-acto blades, architecture, projector, scanner, and any physical planes or structures. The images in the blog post are just a few from the process of projecting the studies on architecture that mimicked as well as altered the lines. Just some insight on my train of thought. For a while all I saw were dots and circles everywhere. Now all I see are lines. Everything is a complex line study. Sitting in Architectural History (art history survey) all I saw were the formal qualities at its most basic form. Gothic architecture was a information overload as far as line goes. Today after critique, Jamie introduced the next part of the project. We must find these line studies in Kansas city through architecture. She related our exploration to a safari journey looking for endangered animals. The endangered animals being the line studies evident in structure. I'm totally ready to go on a safari looking for endangered line studies.

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  1. I didn't know you were taking an arch. history survey. What kismet with this project!