Thursday, October 7, 2010


 R A C H O F S K Y   H O U S E. The house was finished in 1996 and made into a gallery in 2000. The architect and designers focused on experience to turn this home into an art piece. The importance is the procession from the outside to the inside, the use of natural light to form space, the harmony between man made forms and the natural forms surrounding, and of course there is a stress on line. The house is based on basic geometric quadrilaterals. The reason I used this is because of the exploitation of line in architecture. At certain angles the house almost becomes a 2 dimensional graphic line study. The images give you an idea of what the experience would be like but you really have to go to the house to appreciate it. The interior is all massively open in some spaces and extra condensed in others. Nevertheless the interior mimics the exterior in design. It is interesting to compare the landscaping to the architecture. The front lawn has been transformed to be harmonious with the structure of the house. The lawn has numerous levels in quadrilateral quadrants.

photo credits:
                       Barry Tes

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  1. The second shot reminds me of The Mies van der Rohe Pavilion (built 1928).