Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quantity vs Quality

It is interesting to think about quality coming from a process of quantity. Of course if we produce and produce and produce, something of worth will start to come out. We never think about this being a possibility because of the limitations put on us by the saying Quality NOT Quantity. We grow up learning to take our time on everything. The idea that it is better to have one great piece not a million unrefined pieces. This isn't a bad philosophy its just limiting. The truth is though that Quality comes about through a process of Quantity. The more we produce the further we push the idea. Thus a better concept and a visually interesting composition comes about. Its all about distillation. The more we make the more we can refine and the more ideas we can manipulate. This article made me think about our thumbnails. Taking the article to heart, I focused on quantity. I didn't rush through them, I just sat with the ideas longer trying to push all of my compositions in new ways.

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