Saturday, September 11, 2010


Perfect letters. Our word was STEM in Bodoni. Bodoni is pretty hard because there isn't really a math to it. The curves of the S were challenging and took me forever to map out correctly. The typeface's drastic thick and thins were what gave me hell. The tiniest miss calculation threw off the rhythm of the letter. Looking back on this I totally should have printed out a letter and traced it. I had never used gouache before so I had to do a little experimenting to feel out the medium. I found that adding more water to the gouache gave me smoother curves and having a drier gouache allowed me to get bold straight lines in the serifs.  Props to Jessie and Eli on the E and M. Abby's T looks great just a little too think but I think its mostly the kerning that puts her T out of place. If we could have trimmed the paper a bit, the kerning would be spot on and the T and S would cooperate better.


  1. Thanks Ivan,

    I think your "s" came out pretty slick.

    That "S" form must have be tough with the transition from thick and thin on two sides.

    All and all though I think stem came out good for our first attempt.