Sunday, September 5, 2010


More Q drawings. In this phase of the project we added in an informative layer. On top of having a strong composition that speaks to the essence of the font, we needed to inform the viewer of five anatomy terms. I chose to focus on Futura again, this time basing my composition on the lowercase Q. I wanted to exploit the repetition and geometry found in the font. To reinforce the idea of Futura being so geometrical and repetitious I wanted the poster to have potential to be read right side up or up side down. It is basically the same composition twice just rotated 180 degrees and inverted in color. I felt as if the black labels correlating to the white Q and the white labels corresponding to the black Q hammered in the point that Futura repeats itself. For example the q, b, d, and p are all the same. I chose to crop it as a vertically oriented, slender rectangle to once again show the geometric qualities. ( a compilation of multiple rectangles and circles making up a rectangle)
Garamond, Garamond. The font is based on handwriting. The moderate thick and thins give it a sort of calligraphic feeling. With a nib you would make the Q in two strokes. essentially an L and a C put together. I knew it would be a stretch to break up the letterform but hey, who doesn't like taking risks? In hindsight it probably wasn't the best idea. After spending a critique with this composition i realize that it may be an idea that wasn't resolved enough to work. As far as the gestural mark making goes, I was trying to get at the hand qualities of Garamond. So all in all I now feel like this composition would have been solid if I would have executed my concepts more clearly. Right now the composition is a little confusing as far as information goes.

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