Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reading and Video Response


Design is everywhere. It is everything. Our eyes are flooded every second with visual information. There is one sentence in the article by Meggs that sticks out in my mind. "It transcends the dry conveyance of information, intensifies the message, and enriches the audience's experience." The last paragraph gets me excited for the journey to come. The further our culture evolves the more power we have, visually. We are the people feeding society information. We choose what they pay attention to through our designs. 


In this article, the section about style is particularly interesting. It is true that style can get in the way of communication. As visual people it easy to get caught up in the beauty or hipness of a design rather than focusing on the information being conveyed. Also it is important to understand the audience that the information is for. Certain styles turn individuals away for one reason or the other. It is tough to find the middle ground sometimes. Also this article brought some new ideas to mind. I hadn't thought about graphic design being an interface. The way he explains the concept is intriguing. The idea that if we don't like a design it isn't the information we dislike, its the interface or output we dislike. 


This dude is awesome. I am a fan of his work and have followed him for a bit. I admire his drive and determination. It is evident in a lot of projects he takes on. The dedication it takes to cut words into your body to make a visually commanding image is beyond me. Also the one where he eats all of the stuff is crazy. 25 lbs in one week. That is like 3 lbs a day. SICK. But its all for the design. Stefan s a great contemporary designer. 

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