Sunday, August 29, 2010


Find and share time. So, during First Fridays I stumbled upon this printing press in the crossroads. Vahalla Studios does some good work. Vahalla Studios is a collaboration between Tad Carpenter and Dan Padavic. Super nice guys.

Alignment- This seems to be the most evident principle of design in this poster. The type varies but the words are aligned with one another in blocks of space. St. Louis Missouri is contained in one block. Only at the pageant in another. Vampire weekend in one and then the date and opening act in another. In a larger sense the poster is broken into thirds. 

Framing- There is some framing going on in Louis. The "i" is the bottle and the liquid contained in the rest of the word. On a larger scale the composition sits in a rectangle smaller than the page, leaving a frame of gray.

Asymmetry- This composition isn't screaming asymmetry but its there. Balance is maintained here through the weight of each visual element. The flower in the girls hair is mimicked in the "s." The weight of the head is balanced in "st." The ampersand counterbalances the banner with the word "only" in it. The business of the top right corner is balanced in the bottom left. "Weekend" occupies the same amount of space and visual weight as "st" and "vampire" put together.

Scale- It is pretty obvious where this is happening. Some words are larger than others.

Positive/ Negative- The gray background is assumed to be the negative space. In the banners that say "only" and "White Williams," the negative space is used to create the type.

Totally cool poster. Nice design. End of story.


  1. Great find. A recent grad, ryan shawgo, works there now. He started as an intern too.

    All are correct principles, except I don't think asymmetry is visually evident enough in this piece to be included in your crit.