Sunday, August 29, 2010

Abstractly Communicating






Assignment: Communicate concepts, abstractly of course, using less than 10 black dots in a 6x9 frame.

Process: I gathered all of my concepts on paper using thumbnail sketches. 40 thumbnails. 3-4 per word.

I was pleased with the designs for the three final compositions. My goal was to convey the concepts clearly through clean and simple designs. I didn't want to overwhelm the viewer with too much information. I found it difficult to stay on the abstract side of the spectrum while staying minimal in design. In "growth" the dots are aligned and spaced evenly. The only thing changing is the size relationship of the dots. The concept behind "affection" is family. The two larger dots slightly overlapping represent a mother and father. The four smaller dots following symbolize the children. I wanted the dots to touch enough to show that they were a family but separated enough so that they did not become a compound shape. "unity" has a few problems. If I could I would change the spatial relationship. The space and arrangement suggest a burst now that i look closer. If the dots were tightly knitted together it would more clearly convey "unity." Also let it be known that cutting perfect circles is a difficult task. Investing in a crafty circle cutter would have made for a less stressful night.

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