Thursday, August 26, 2010

why design?

Growing up i always had an interest in the arts. As a youngin' i didn't think i would make a career out of it but i guess i just couldn't see that far into the future. Through out high school I planned on being a print maker. All of my work was fine art based. Painting, drawing, printmaking, etc. Senior year of high school my portfolio changed significantly an i decided to apply to colleges with graphic design in mind. When i saw how strong the design department was at KCAI it was a done deal. I made up my mind, packed up all of my stuff ,and hit the road. Secondly, typography is such a beautiful thing. Nothing can explain how excited i get when i see new type faces or recognize a sign on the street or a package in the store. Design is everywhere and i want to contribute to the creative world while having a career. I love problem solving aspect that design has. I enjoy having clients and "projects." I think what attracts me to design the most is that it has limitless career opportunities.

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