Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DP: Week 4

I was enthused on the amount of feedback I received on the little survey I posted in the studio.

The most starred include:
  • Love more
  • Today is the day
  • Make it count.
  • Love & Kindness
  • Compliment More.
  • Smile.
I set up an illustrator file with a series of visual tests to explore with the projector. I ran around campus with my computer, projector, sketchbook, camera and Tylenol cold and flu (I am a little under the weather). I started by comparing sans serif to serif typefaces and the typography held up pretty well in both cases. Color seems to take well to multiple surfaces as well.

From here I plan to take one of these messages and iterate 5 different comps that function on different levels of appeal. i.e. Clinical vs Emotional & formal things like script vs sans.

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