Wednesday, August 15, 2012

VML Internship Project

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This summer I interned at VML. I worked closely with the Gatorade alignment team on various projects that leaped across multiple digital and social platforms. The above work was produced with a team of 7 interns; Some account management, some Project Management, some media experts, some channel gurus, and of course a few designers. Gatorade asked us to create a mobile experience tailored for their key audience of high school athletes that would push the importance of Sports Nutrition. After weeks of brainstorming, debate, and planning we landed on the idea of the locker room. The locker room is a space that every athlete is familiar with. The emotional ties to the space could manifest in a digital space. Going off of a pinterest model, we created "The Locker Room - fueled by G," an app that hosts content from athletic teams. The idea is that by creating a space for athletes to post what they are interested in (training videos, personal athletic feats, inspiration, etc) it would be easier for Gatorade to feed them information about sports nutrition. In addition to athlete generated content, the app would gain importance by allowing conversation between coaches and students. Coaches can post whatever they please just as the athletes can. Suggested content would be game film, reminders, inspiration, and updates. This starts to strengthen the analogy of a digital locker room. The locker room is space that you interact with your team mates, your coaches, and your trainers. We broke the platform up into three general spaces. 1- profile- hosts the content that the user uploads and stats aggregated from and (two sites that hold information on HS athletes, schedules, and rankings). 2- Locker Room- this space aggregates content from each user that that subscribes to the particular Locker Room into a large scrolling feed. Using rosters from maxpreps, athletes would be assigned to the locker rooms for the teams they are a part of. Coaches content and GSSI content would live in this space too. 3- the coaches page- this allows athletes to go directly to their coach profile as a source for updates and important information.
    We were given the awesome opportunity to pitch this to our client, Gatorade, at the end of our internship. The pitch was well received. I cannot say for sure, but implimentation of our ideas are hoped to be evident in the near future.

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