Thursday, August 23, 2012

MX- The Beginning

Its easy to laugh at this video but it is interesting that in our culture we are starting to rely so much on user generated content. Contribution to the internet in any subject, no matter how frivolous it may be, we are concerned with learning from each other and teaching one another. The theory of multiple intelligence has been of interest to me recently as ive been listening to lectures on lateral thinking and new modes of solving problems. Being aware of the fact that slower doesn't necessarily mean less intelligent is something that will and is shifting the way teachers interact with their students. If we foster this thinking, some serious problem solvers will emerge from the next generation. Ken Robinson poses the grand question of, how do we educate for the future based on the past? What we collectively have decided over time, as to be the steps to success, are not necessarily true anymore. Things are changing rapidly and education must learn to flex with the times. GoodMagazine has a series of videos called future learning that I have been following for a while. Its amazing what groups can do. Ken says something like, " we used to call it cheating, and now its called collaboration"
Mitra's experiments boil down to collaboration being key to the future of learning. There is a vast bucket of information that anyone can tap into. This has changed the role of teacher and student. The one to one model is out. Problems will be solved in groups, not by one single genius.

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