Friday, February 3, 2012


 If you wish to add notes, save an article for later, or all together rid it of your feed, select the icon that correlates. Nav bar and Square categories on the right are customizable. If john isnt interested in the travel section at all he can quickly remove it from his sections.
 On the left side there is a section for user generated streams. The constantly updating panel shows headlines linked to articles based on what your friends are viewing. whats the most popular or what is recommended based on your previous selections of news. On the right, by hovering over a section, a quick viewer of Pictures and headlines are shown. 
 As we move into the sports section, John thinks the first article is interesting. He has to know more. Just has to, so he clicks on the image
 When diving into an article, the reader now has a chance to contribute. John can save the article for later. Organize it in his "board." the board is like a personal archive of news articles and images organized based on how the reader thinks they should be. Friends can see his boards and follow them as well as read his annotations.
John wants to annotate the small paragraph so he can remember some key points. He simply highlights the text and hits the note icon. This allows him to make notes on the article and save it for himself and his friends if they wish to view it. Down in the right hand corner is Sports Now, a section that is a live feed of current sport news. So on game day, dont fret. Youll know without having a TV near by. Check the Sports Now section and view footage, live streaming, stats, scores, and comments.

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