Saturday, February 18, 2012

Experiment 1


During this first experiment process Many things have come to mind to improve upon and strengthen the connections I aspire to make through out this semester. In the initial field survey I completed last week, I got results that were all over the place. Tightening down the amount of variables ( the amount of typefaces and odor samples) allowed me to move forward for the video presented in this blog post. The short documentary is the manifestation of my inquiry into type | smell association.
     For Those who are unaware of the experiment I suppose I should lay down some groundwork. Six smells are administered to an individual. Secondly, the participant describes the smell giving me anything from memories, literal interpretation, to visual & formal qualities. The latter (visual & formal qualities) is what I was concerned with for this experiment. After diving into the qualities of the odor, the participant chooses a typeface that best fits the description of the smell. The typefaces were, for this first experiment, limited to the basic categories of type; Traditional Serif, Modern Serif, Humanistic Serif, Egyptian Slab, Traditional Sans, Geometric Sans, and Humanistic Sans. For this I listed Sabon, Clarendon, Helvetica, Futura, Bodoni, Baskerville, Franklin Gothic, Serifa, and Univers.

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