Monday, September 19, 2011

Final: Tender Buttons

The idea behind these videos at the most basic level is to convey a stream of consciousness, or thought. When reading Gertrude Steins work, I realized that initially they make no sense, or very little as a whole. If you were to break down the poems or fragment them into little phrases, there are moments that can be understood with out the context of the poem or experience she is writing about. This allows for the opportunity of creating contrast in my spreads. I've explained it as pools of thought and rhythm contrasted by moments of structure and clarity. Translating this into motion graphics and film, I had room for variation formally that could not be done in print. So the main thing is I am moving static composition into a temporal realm of movement. Now there is contrast and hierarchy set up by time. Time is one thing I wanted to exploit. It allowed me to reference the same ideas and material in a new way. In motion there is an opportunity to guide the viewer more than in a book. In my "book" for type3 the text is fragmented into little pools of rhythm that function on a grey level from the ideal viewing distance. This is how im hitting at the idea of ambiguity and confusion/non clarity. In video I was able to exploit the lens. Specifically the depth of field. By doing this, there is a play, a push and pull between focus and unfocused text. Another way that I forced the idea of non clarity is by speeding up certain parts of the video, making the text hard to navigate and digest. Although the project is finished and moved passed its final crit, I plan on taking this back into after effects and adding the original imagery in the passed videos and playing more with text in space.


  1. I see the idea of abstraction in the ambient nature of the floating words as well as the words that are out of focus. These words blur and become forms that in some cases are no longer legible to the viewer. However, when some words like fuller are enlarged to cover the entire screen I feel like the word begins to take a literal meaning and drifts away from abstraction. The flashes of overlapping type begin to abstract the language through the idea of repetition and overlapping some words to make them illegible.

  2. I love the way you created this distortion and blurredness, I think it connects to Gertrude Stein's (weird) mind while writing the poems. I'm surprised you are still able to read black on dark grey and white on light grey, maybe there should be a bit higher contrast.
    The movement of the words is sometimes a bit too much, it looks like there was a shaking cinematographer. The way you put the two poems together is very good.