Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Media: transfering the magazine to Ipad

Going vertical with these. The initial concepts were based on the bottom two and after revisiting them a day later, I re-positioned everything vertically to the reference the magazine more than just plopping it into ipad dimensions. I felt it showcased the transfer of information from one media to the next in a more successful way. It showed my capability to handle the information in a new plane with cohesion to the original layouts but with more variety than a horizontal ipad layout. See image 1&2 for the references that follow.  So the idea here is that the info graphic becomes interactive. Because of the interaction I was freed up to have the information act temporally rather than having it all fixed the way it is in print. This allowed for more levels of interaction and freed up white space.(always a nice thing) So in this concept, a user taps on an icon taking him/her to a video related to that icon. By tapping on the "enlarge" graphic, the user will be taken to a new a larger video with additional text and navigation. At this point the user can choose to continue watching, change media by tapping a new icon, exit full screen, or continue to the next page. The idea is simple, effective, efficient, informational and playful. Keynote animation to come soon.

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