Wednesday, May 4, 2011

magazine layouts: bringing them to a close

The spreads have come a long way since the beginning stages. Its been a challenge to handle the body copy in a minimal amount of spreads while maintaining a comfortable amount of white space within each spread. I've edited down the copy and introduced additional imagery as well as filtered the previous imagery to fit with the content of the article better. I tried to fill the larger spaces set for imagery with photographs of the umbrella topic of circus and sprinkled images of freaks through out. I embraced the asymmetry to reinforce concept. The article is about circus culture changing American popular culture and entertainment. Up to this time in America things were pretty simple and conservative. If it hadn't been for the circus, people in rural America may have never seen such spectacles. I've set up a fairly rigid 12 column grid and set everything accordingly. I began to break the grid in certain areas such as the large image at the bottom of the spreads that bleeds off the page. There is also a drastic shift in imagery on the page from left to right getting at the idea of influence and change. I've left the body copy fairly conservative and traditional, set in a three column structure subtly hinting at previous culture of rural America. If you are wondering about the three page spread and lonely page, it is the easiest way of displaying the gatefold I used. The info graphic spans the three pages and the "lonely" page with the pull quote on it sits on the back of the third page. From now until Friday it should all be refinement. No new concepts or content. Just tightening up the work.

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