Monday, April 18, 2011

Retail & Interaction

Brainstorming about possible items in the gift shop and interactive exhibits within the museum exhibition.

-Penny Smasher ( 51 cents for a freaky penny!)
-Play swords
-Recreated vintage illustrated posters.
-Bearded Lady Dress up Photo booth
- Fortune teller booth like Zoltair
- Test your strength carny game
- Bed of nails
- Fake coals to walk on. (mildly warm just for fun?)
- Stuff a sword down a fake throat. Don't flinch. The slightest move can sound the buzzer "killing" the sword swallower ( based off of OPERATION)
-Striped contortionist unitards. Strong man leotard?
-Learn how to be a pincushion. (learn where to poke and how, then have at it with a ballistics gel figure)
-Crawl through a huge model of the sinus cavity. The part of the body that human block heads shove nails and screw drivers in. ( crawl space is targeted toward, but not exclusively for children.)
- Download-able App called Freakomatic? Freakstagram? Instafreak? sideshow photography? anyways itd be a simple iphone app that allows individuals to take pictures of individuals and have them converted into a bearded lady, elephant man, boil face, pinhead, etc. (think about the fat app to visualize this)
- the elastic man/ contortionist. Body parts will be casted in elastic type rubber material and mounted to the wall available for twisting, turning, stretching, and molding. 

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