Saturday, September 18, 2010


John Pfahl. I thoroughly enjoy this guys work. Particularly his work from the seventies. He did this series on illusions and manipulation of space. Super cool stuff. Image 1 is an example of the series. He just released this exhibition called Metamorphoses De La Terre. Images 2 and 3 are pulled from the series. The concepts behind these striking photographs are interesting. After exploring some photographs he had taken of a volcano he started to think about how it was once liquid but now a solid but resembles, visually, the flow of a viscous liquid. There was movement in a static object that was indeed shaped by a liquid. Take the canyon for example. Hundreds of years of water erosion formed the canyon. The layers of limestone resemble the flow of water. In the flatlands he is exploiting that ripple effect left behind by the erosion of heavy rains. Once again, a static landscape giving the illusion of movement. Anyways, he has some really interesting work. If you feel inclined then check it out.

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