Friday, September 17, 2010

Analog Design

This is basically an image dump of some process so far in typography. These compositions are eventually going to be printed on transparency and laid over the visual communication dot compositions. The idea is that the compositions could stand alone but by adding imagery and type we can enhance the concept. It has been challenging coming up with type designs. I had never worked with type before so this has been trial and error. Trying to keep the composition specific to the descriptive word without being literal or illustrative has proven to be challenging. The process so far has been pretty intense. For the past few years I have been used to focusing on one composition for a good while trying to make it perfect. Now we are pumping out ideas and compositions rapidly. This goes back to the Quality vs. Quantity. Through repetition we push through the cliche and move on to the cream of the crop. The distillation in the process has been amazing. I feel as if I am growing daily. It truly excites me. Because we have been making tons of thumbnails and 3 full scale compositions per word, I have had more to choose from and as a result, stronger concepts and compositions. Chris said something today in his lecture that struck me. He said that its not so much the final product that is important, rather it is the process that they are teaching us is what is important. Of course a beautiful end result is desired but the process is what our education is based on. The intensity of the program is what prepares us for our career as practicing designers. The twist is though, that the better the process, the better the end result. So if we focus on the process of our projects, naturally a beautiful product will come. Process > output; output = process. Taking it to heart and moving forward.

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