Monday, September 20, 2010

Color Harmonies

Color harmonies are an essential aspect in design. It is important for us as designers, to understand the relationships in color both in theory and interface. Syntax plays a big part in our understanding of color. cmyk vs rgb for example. They correlate in certain ways and relate but also differ from one another. RGB is additive and CMYK is subtractive. Besides that lets talk about relationships. 

1. Complimentary- colors directly across from each other in the color wheel. 

2. Spit Complimentary- three colors. two surround the complimentary of the third. ex. red-violet, green    and yellow

3. Double Complimentary- two pairs of complimentary colors in one scheme. 

4. Analogous- combination of colors spread an equal distance on the color wheel. ex. red-orange, orange, yellow.

5. Triadic- three colors spaced evenly on the color wheel. such as, red blue and yellow. 

6. Monochromatic- this is a scheme composed of the manipulation of one hue in saturation and lightness.

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