Friday, March 8, 2013

SX: Midterm Self Assesment

Spatial has revived something in my creative spirit this semester. I enjoy making physical objects and thinking about spatial relationships. This course has allowed me to think about those two in conjunction with design. It sounds obvious that design can be more than 2d and 4d but until now, I feel like I may have kept them in separate schools of thought. The past few years have heavily focused on creating experiences and building narratives and I've enjoyed thinking about that in an environment. As for the course curriculum its self, my performance has been a bit rocky when it comes to logistical road humps such as those thrown in the road by ADA. In project one I gave it my best shot to express our ideas while adhering to those requirements. Perhaps we could have experimented more with materials, layering, and form but we do have two projects left in the semester, one specifically leaning towards a poetic experience in contrast to the practical experience.

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