Monday, February 4, 2013

SX: Concepts + Mood Board [ ]

Through research and personal experience, we feel that there is a lack of cohesion with the directional elements for navigation. Mostly, there is a lack of clarity, especially to a visitor. Due to integrated buildings among areas of the city beyond main campus, outsiders may overlook the these building. Outside of a 2D directional map, there are no cohesive elements within space to guide or call out off-campus buildings. While KCAI is in a concentrated area, having multiple buildings beyond main campus may lead to a lot of visual noise through wayfinding. We want to clearly identity and guide visitors without an overbearing experience. We feel that it is more important that we communicate and instruct rather than over-compensate with elaborate KCAI identifiers.

Below is our proposal for directional and site identifying elements as well as various mood boards of look and feel, inspiration, materials, color, and typography.         

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