Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hamilton's Barbershop Co. Phase 2 Men knew their barber and their barber knew them. It was a gentleman's place. In each approach I focused on one attribute mainly and let the rest follow. The first direction maintains a level of sophistication in its aesthetic while exploring what a barbershop would look like if it respected the analytical, and science behind the tools and methods of barbering. The second focuses on history and tradition. It should be noted that although the brand looks to the past for inspiration, it maintains a level of here and now to straddle the fine line of "vintage" but not cliche. Lastly in the third, I tried to build a narrative around the signature and take a look at the personable attribute. Ham's would be a place coming from a strong line of barbers. With minimal approaches, the brand can become something vibrant by mixing the traditional color pallet, clean typography, and lifestyle photography. I recommend the third direction for many reasons, but that isn't to say i do not support the first and second strongly either.

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