Monday, August 27, 2012

VA discussions week 2

—In regards to differing opinions:
If it is true that people easily ignore what they are used to, can a message be manifested in such an unconventional way that people then reject it? Must designers strike a balance? Should we gamble on new paradigms or play it safe with contemporary conventions that allow for easy consumption in hopes that people respond positively to the message.

Propaganda and Protest Graphics
— within graphic design history, the most powerful messages come from eras filled with crisis and controversy. Is it appropriate for us, as graphic designers, to hyperbolize our stance on a subject in order to make the message resonate? Does merely providing information void of a strong emotional stance get the job done?
The Black Panther - an informative source
—Can a campaign that pushes for change, have as much impact with a passive community as it can with an active one? Essentially, is a campaign with a powerful activists, such as the black panthers, more successful?

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