Saturday, March 24, 2012

ROCKSOLID: collections website - formal exploration

The following are three explorations for formal direction for my collection website about crystals I started collecting when I was 8. The collection website has grown from the required 15 objects into 24 of my favorite specimens and 9 info graphics about the rocks. 


The idea behind rocksolid is to meld scientific cleanliness with different aesthetic approaches. The shapes either inspired by Jar and specimen labels or geode formations.


Direction one has the tag I mentioned previously that is inspired by apothecary jar labels and scientific labeling of specimens. I added some abstracted geode-form line drawings around the edges to fill in the padding area. Not only is the simplicity deriving from science labels but I wanted to allow the Crystals to be front and center, allowing them to get the attention they demand. After all this is a website about the collection, so why distract the viewer from the thing i find most beautiful; the rocks.

 In this direction I thought it would be a nice contrast from the cleanliness of the stark white background to add woodgrain. Its a stretch but the wood is something form within nature just as the crystal specimens are. Although I like the direction, I am still working on finding a way to render the crystals in way that allows them to stay as vibrant as before (on the white background).


 These are a little messy as far as clarity of direction and cohesion but bear with me. Here I wanted to try and show all the logotypes in similar applications and spacial relationships. So in that sense I categorized them as one direction instead of having 4 or 5 to talk you through.  

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  1. Really nice interactions. I definitely think the first direction is the strongest. I like the connotations you have going on. You'll need to be careful that your type in the label and info graph isn't too small and delicate for the screen. I think the rocks could be a bit larger on the macro page, they seem so tiny. Currently, the label seems a bit disconnected (formally) from the navigation. Consider how you can bring those two closer w//o being exactly the same.

    The micro page needs a title for the rock, but is otherwise on the right track.