Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Final Statement on Project 3

We had three objectives that were significant to the project. The first was choosing a haiku. The second was to gather objects that were concpetually related to teh haiku and using those objects to create marks. These marks were later used to render motifs we had conceptualized that visually communicated each line of the haiku. Lastly we were to translate the analogue shapes into digital files that could be manipulated in flash to make an animation.
The reason for choosing the haiku was the agreement between my partners and I on the strong inherent imagery. Moving into the animation I wanted to make smart, informed decisions to make the animation strong and dynamic formally and conceptually. The zoom in transition one takes the viewer through the open door. Soon after the "picture books" snap into the frame and the "paper weights" slam down onto the books to complete my second motif. The picture books exit the frame setting up a formal hint as to what motif was next. The spring time breeze enters the frame and leaves in the same manner mimicking a breeze like flow. There are subtle shifts in the typography that add to the dynamics of the animation. The word open shifts up into the open space of the first motif. "paperweights" comes down and sits on "on picture books." The word "breeze" gracefully fades and shifts to the right exiting the scene. As an animation I am pleased with the outcome. I think for my first time in flash, I accomplished something that isn't overly amateur.