Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who is Leo?

Leo Lionni is a designer, writer and sculptor. In this reading he talks about his process and makes a generalization of most artists process. The act of making is sort of an unexplainable action. He states that if art was removed from his life he would still have the urge to make things. I too have the urge to make things. I find myself doodling, sketching, folding paper clips, and paper while listening to lectures. Personally my process is a little different than what he states. His theory is interesting; the idea that we subconsciously, at the deepest level, become what we are making, designing, or drawing. I just don't think of myself becoming the subject or tool I am using. I do find myself subconsciously at a deeper level making instinctual decisions based on the conceptual and formal qualities of the subject. Although at some level I am purposefully making decisions based on concept and form there are always a few that just happen. I feel like Lionni is right when he says this is inherent in everyone's work.

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