Saturday, October 9, 2010

Typeface Response

Typeface, a film about the origins of type and design. The focus was on Hamilton Co. in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. They talked about the fall of the industry and the struggle to house the history. Due to the economy and lack of interest, the museum is struggling to make ends meet. I find it really sad that such an awesome place has to be located in the middle of nowhere USA. In saying this, recently there has been a sudden interest by creatives and corporates in the physicality of the printing press. There is a certain aesthetic quality that people have learned to appreciate and are willing to pay for. This is what has kept print somewhat alive today. Today a lot of up and coming designers are mixing the media. The split between print and digital is starting to fade. Some printing presses are using computers to create the designs then transferring them to screens to acquire a certain beauty. We will see what happens. I think it will be hard for type to truly die out completely as long as there are a few that appreciate it.

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  1. Nice commentary. I appreciate that you are speculating on where the field will go and acknowledging the intersection of analog and digital.