Friday, September 24, 2010

Project one. Dot Book.



continuation, framing

scale, continuatioin

continuation, proximity

continuation, alignment, proximity, scale

correspondence, scale, asymmetry

continuation, correspondence

alignment, framing, symmetry

scale, proximity, symmetry

 Considering the principles of design, I arranged the dots to convey the word as best as possible. I explored the idea of depth and dimensionality through out my book. If you look to Threat you can see the illusion of depth being exemplified through perspective. Also I used a prominent element is scale as well as proximity. Brewing uses proximity to gather the effect of bubbling upwards. Threatening uses scale to ungulate towards the viewer, crowding their personal space. Tempestuous is in a spiral using scale hinting towards a cyclonic motion of a storm. Alarming is using purely proximity and continuation to exploit the concept of alarming in an abstract but somewhat literal way.  Powerful is a large mass engulfing a smaller mass, getting at the point that a hurricane sweeps onto land swallowing everything in its way. Havoc uses continuation and line direction to emphasize these different, somewhat ordered paths intertwining together. Relentless is a composition using framing and scale. Wreckage is showing these ordered units becoming jumbled together as if they have been wrecked. And finally restoration is a circle of dots. It is supposed to exemplify the concept of the coming and going of hurricanes. The rebuilding and destruction cycle. As far as imagery goes, I approached it in sort of two directions. Because of the amount of small dots and intricate I chose to use a lot of line and color. I had a specific color palette in mind. Dim grays and greens with splashes of warm colors to emphasize danger and destruction on top of this looming ominous form. For larger dots I chose imagery that showed the emotion and physical effects that a hurricane causes society. I think as a whole, the book has a flow. It reads nicely page to page with an interesting elegance while the concept is pretty heavy and destructive. To improve the book I feel if I would have had a few more days to push the imagery, the book would be much more powerful. Perhaps tweaking some of my words also. In hindsight I feel that some words are too similar still even through all of the refinement process. Such as powerful and relentless. Both are overbearing and could be mistaken for one another.

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